Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quiver Sweater

I couldn't wait to first tack-in the ends on this one. I had to post this.Seriously, do you really expect me to 'block' a dog sweater?

My first design, knit from the top down, I am so pleased. I made short sleeves with a rim to match the garter stitch rim at the bottom.

Poune wants to know when did she get so freakin' famous?
I think she is glad its over really...

She is making a mental note here that the flashing light thingy is the first thing to bury in the backyard tomorrow at 06h.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

KAL announcement

Wanna join a Pinwheel KAL?

Pinwheels are a fun toy to have on a windy day in the park with your best friend so please join!
Some friends of mine want to knit a Pinwheel cardi which is a free pattern from the wonderful and I so loved this knit I have been itching to make another for me-self so lets share the love! It is ever so easy, portable and relaxing that you can add it to your knitting bag no matter what season deadline you are!
We are starting the project in Mid-December. More details to come. You can stash dive for whatever you like because this pattern is nothing if not versatile and beginner friendly too. Keep in touch and I will add you to the list.
Bergère has survived quite a week. I got home from a dream weekend I knew it was a set-up last Sunday to a crisis. I ended up Monday afternoon in emergency with my 8 year old. I am so glad we have health care and antibiotics!!

The following day, my last Sock-club yarn arrived at the best moment to cheer me up. I am a little sad that it is over and have decided I so love belonging to a club like this that I want to join another one this year.
Spread the love.
My heart is set on Red Bird Knits Sock Club Let me decided how many visits from the Postman Extraordinaire I think I will need in 2009. Hum...? Hard to say what the future has me scheduled for. Yikes.
Here is the beautiful Muddy Autumn Rainbow colourway. The last installment of the 2008 STR Sock club. I am thrilled about the pattern because it is from Anne Hanson of Knitspot. I have been admiring all the projects happening on this blog at an insane rate of amazing knitting. Nothing like that ever happens here on the farm I tell ya. But now I can say, I own one of her designs. Yay!
At the moment, I have put the Quiver sweater on the high heat burner. Poune needs to keep her belly warm on the walks we have been trying to take together. That's a story for another day.
This morning, I received my Berroco Newsletter and was delighted to find 'Buster' that I will make next. I think the knit-gods of the universe have sent me this pattern because it is just too painful to watch me frog and reknit and be licked-to-death each time I try-it-on-for-size.
BTW the Berroco newsletter is so much fun! Lots of free patterns that are very queue worthy indeed. Go check it out on your next I-luv-net-break. Not to mention it links to Norah Gaughan's Blog. Ahem.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Must be doing something right...

My weekend getaway to the Château Montebello of course includes lots and lots of knitting! The girls I travelled with were casting-on during the commute from Ottawa to Montebello (about an hours drive). I live 20 minutes from the Château (lucky, I know...) so I had to make room in the trunk for my small overnight and two knitting bags. :) With a little luck and a good squeeze we shut the trunk. Ahem.

Most of the office was already checked in and having a grand time sipping cocktails in the Lounge by the time we arrived.
The knitters set up the mitten class pronto by the fireplace. Seating was at a premium so we ended up making a go of it without any lamps.

Lynn, Ip & Duey are here comparing ribbing results while a crowd of people started to gather around to see what we were up to...
Apparently, the men were very attracted to the knitting ladies. Too bad we are either spoken for or not interested!

I found a Hobbit Santa the same size as me in the dinning room. After we got over the sudden laughing fit when I pointed that out...we posed for a group photo. Duey, Ip, my sister Donna and me next to St- Nicky.

My new knitting friends Ip and Duey by the tree.
My sister Donna and I beside the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen!

Then there was the FOOD
Oh my Gosh, did we EAT! Everything is sooo delicious and abundant. All you could drink wine too. I like mine red thank you.
I made quick friends with Nicholas sitting beside me when I offered him half my steak. The portions are huge! One steak was enough for me after three entrés and dessert to come. We all had two steaks on our plates. Ahem.
The cutest couple of the night award goes to .... Mark and Tess! We always have a blast when they are around.

Sunday morning was divine with my fair-isle vest knitting in bed with coffee from room service. No kids around making messes or demanding meals, dishes and laundry...just hours of uninterrupted knitting. It doesn't get any better than this for me.
Ip finished her first mitten just after brunch. I believe we converted a few more people to the knitting community. Gave out directions to the best yarn stores around. I admired the two lovely guest dogs taking walks...I had to leave Poune at home. We couldn't bring both the dog and the knitting bags. Sorry Poune!

Can't visit Montebello without stopping to buy chocolat. A peace offering to my kids for letting me have time off. Thank you Len for washing the floor.XX

Thursday, November 20, 2008

so sad when that happens...

I have put it off for a long time. It is never easy to say goodbye. We were getting along so very well together. We nearly made it to our first anniversary first FO which made me a little sad to see it all come to an abrupt end. The little teeth of kittens cut the life of my first 3mm knitpicks circular short.
Today, my vest had an out patient surgery to remove the obstructive cable from the well snagged Sheltand. No I don't watch too many Grey's Anatomy and ER episodes... I had no insurance on this so, I had to operate myself. Good practice of scissor skills snipping in between the lovely stitches of my Grand-Amour Sheep Vest. The wool couldn't slide either way over the sharp and bumpy chews of the mangled cable. I had to snip away pieces of the nylon cable in between caught stitches. That cable is harder to snip than it looks. I half wanted to shout 'CLEAR!' before each incision...snort
I am ready for steeking now, honey!
I am left with the remains of perfectly good tips that I hate to trash. Any suggestions as to what they could become? I wonder if I could melt the cable into a smooth join for future swatching. hum...
I tacked in the final end of my Pinwheel for baby yesterday. I gave it a bath today and here is the proof.
This is so easy to knit it might be a sin. You can make it any size without even turning on a calculator.
The world needs more of this kind of joy.
I should say that the baby this gift is intended for was born safe and sound on November 14th. Meghanne was 6lbs 8 oz and is baby number 6 for the Blanc family. Wow. Congratulations Anne, Pierre, Marie-Pier and the four boys. (Marie-Pier is my daughters best friend, I don't remember what the other boy names are...oops).

I made one mod for this pattern. I decided to add some Barbara Walker lace cuffs. I found this cuff pattern in Spin Off magazine Winter 2007 page 47. I've been dying to add it to something. It attached much the way I-cord is knit to the edge of knitting. Fun !
Bergère is packing bags for a getaway. I am so excited because I get to spend the weekend at the Château Montebello with my Sister.
Her office Christmas party was held there last year and they decided to do it again this year. It's an overnighter. Sign me up!
Last year, I was the only one there with a sock-in-toe so, I have suggested others bring knitting to enjoy by the fireplace too.
So we have declared a Knit-Out. Teaching everyone how to make a pair of mittens on two needles.
We should have a blast. I can hardly wait!
So this brings me to thinking about what other knitting I should pack for this trip. I decided to pack my Sheep Vest and enjoy a special reunion with this project. A really good incentive to face the fair-ilse that was; only to have a mistake on one side and thus frogged for a re-knit causing all sorts of commotion in the delicate balance of my queue.
Should the fair-isle be too difficult on the eyes, I will also bring with me the Quiver sweater I am designing for Poune.
Then it occured to me. I won't miss the sink. I won't miss the kids. I won't miss HD (he is away alot anyway) but maybe I should call the Château and ask them what the policy is on Dogs...Hum...?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweet but sugar free 'cones'

I forgot all about the government holiday on the 11th. Blinded by the glow of my parcel notice and the infatuation that is alpaca induced. I made a special trip to town and jiggled the post office door in disbelief. It was locked and my yarn was inside... I pressed my nose up to the glass and scanned the dark back room hoping to see a cleaning lady...anybody?? Sigh. This can't be happening.
So today, I was thinking happily to myself over a really good turkey sandwich that yarn should have special rules about it.
Home delivery.
The kind when if you are not answering the door because your hair is soapy that the post man waits or lets the kids sign for you.
Ah, if I ruled the world...
This is a cone of 500gm gray Dk and 100grs of black lace wt. Yum! It is soooo soft.
I also purchased a card of available yarns... I am starting a collection of these cards for my cupboard. It helps me dream. Like I need help...snort. I already want some black dk. This picture will be handy for my close knitting friends that are anxious to see these colours. It's a dream collective.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A year with Bergère de Lochaber

Laine de Bergère has had a great year with you!

Thanks to all who visit and a huge 'Merci' to those that totally make my day when you leave me a comment. hint. If you could see how happy I am to share my wool with you...


So far, this is what I have carded and spun from my 'Emma-Kounie' fleece stash. The darker batt on top is the precious ring of black she proudly wore around her dear sweet neck. I hope to knit the neck line of my intended sweater with it.

As I wash handfulls of smelly wool, I remember all the shades of Kounie's lovely coat; the lighter tuffs on the top of her back and the darker charcoal along her sides. All of which I am blending together to spin into a much loved piece of art. Like any fledgling spinner, I hope and pray to have enough...Remembering Kounie and her babe Mimosa... xxx I was up early today and couldn't wait to start this I-cord edging... Nothing like a Saturday morning to learn something new. I am smitten!

Now let's go have a beer. Cheers!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tag you're it! And other business

The talented and fun Fairy Steps has tagged me to share 7 facts about myself. I am ever so boring (I now realize) but am pleased to play the game and tag some other favorite blogs of mine to play with us!

Here are the rules:

-Link to your tagger and list these rules
-Share 7 facts about yourself (random or unusual)
-Tag 7 other people at the end of your post by leaving their names and links to their blogs
- Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Here goes, these are my own personal 7 facts:
1. I was named after a Catholic nun
2. I married a lumberjack
3. I am under 5 feet tall
4. I grew up on an organic farm with no plumbing for the first few years
5. I wanted to be a ballerina
6. I love dogs and turtles with a passion. I want to adopt/rescue an English Bulldog next...
7. I dream of having my own fiber shop!

These are the next 7 tag players:
Cocoknits, tricofolk, Blackstarknitting, CelticMemoryYarns, DanceswithWool, broccolidance, Visualisepeace

Hello Broccolidance? Yes well, this means you have to blog now because I've tagged you. Just saying. I think we would all love to see your sewing and spelt muffins.
Love Pet xx

In other news...
My very first knit design is under way. I am starting from the top and fitting to Poune as I go. I must have taken 26 photos before hitting the jackpot. She nearly licked me to death as I smoothed the stitches along the thread.
I love the contrast of the provisional yarn colour!

I am working on the edging of my pinwheel. I am starting to worry about the fit of this project. I am sort of winging my way across this one. Cross your fingers everybody. This baby is coming this month! But this cardigan is not a newborn size so I am okay. I found it nice to get gifts to fit my older babies. The newborn size doesn't last long and in my case, I gave birth to toddlers anyway. Ouch!
My hub-ness was away for most of this past week finishing up a lovely log cabin/cottage for someone (else). No, I am not bitter. This allowed for less meals to make and more time to spin. I am still trying to remember where I hid my spare bobbins. Sigh.
Len's favorite ewe was Kounie. So I am washing, carding and spinning her fleeces first. It is ever so soft!
I don't know if I am feeling guilty about selling my flock but I thought I heard sheep calling me last time I went for a walk to the river...Oh I miss you Kounie!
Since I can't find my bobbin hidding place just yet, I thought I would ply my last lace wt of Frieda's fleece. This one turned out so wonderfully! It did not break during the winding and it looks rather consistant. I am very pleased with this one.

I am off to warm up lunch and back to some wool.
P.s. Three trees have fallen on our cottage. EEk! Thankfully Hub-ness is a lumberjack and has all the savoir faire of removing the forest from its roof. Gulp.