Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aha! Doves

Snowbirds #6
Vogue Knitting Fall 2008
Yarn: On line supersocke (farbe 04) & Scheepjes Invicta Extra (white 1357) from Woolaine, Gatineau Qc.
Needles: 2.5mm
Gauge: 37 sts 43 rnds=4"
Would you believe when I decided to knit these (hasty cast-on) I had in mind that this chart had snowmen. Leave it to me to be so busy with everything a-hum around me in my little house that I just clicked away without a care in the world. The big surprise to my delight were the lovely little birds that appeared out of no where. A startled Bergère checked the magazine photo at that point. Well well. They are so enchanting and remind me of a pair of doves I think I've seen somewhere before..?
This is such a stunning knit that my family are quite impressed with my cleverness. Me?
Makes me wonder where they all were these last few months when I slaved away at the sheep vest.
I suppose it is the colour of these that make them stand out so well. I haven't suddenly developed cleverness, surely.
My sister remarked that I would have the pick of husbands being able to knit such pretty mittens! haha-for those who have read the history of Latvian Mittens...

But, I will always remember this project as the one I worked on during the breath taking Inauguration of President Barack Obama.
I had tears- I am so proud and happy for America. I can't get the "At last my love has come along" out of my head and I don't mind it at all.

I made a vow that I would only post the next message when my mittens were ready for the photos. This was harder than I thought! I had to stop myself a few times from publishing this or that...In fact, I spent some time tweaking my sidebar. I am rather obsessed with it by now. I added a little Mr. Depp to wave bye-bye at the end of the page. For you Pet. I also found a lost photo of Jeannie. One taken by me on a summer afternoon. So glad I came across it.

My blog break has given me a happy gift. All the lovely sheep vest comments! Thank you so much for leaving me your kind thoughts. I have never gleaned so many before. I am thrilled! You mean so much.

Guess what? I have nothing on my needles. Gasp. I am almost sick. I have a dozen projects in mind but the one I really want to cast-on is this: Le Grand Plaid from Marie Claire Idées Décembre 2007. I took the liberty of scanning the page for you. Enjoy.

I have been in love with this for a year now. I decided to use Briggs & Little Regal 100% wool. The same colours as in the mag. Yum!
My knit-blog-friend, Fairysteps started a very cool multi-coloured granny square blanket that did me in. I have been in a twist over my urge to knit a blanket for months now. I have three on the brain, actually. Have mercy.
It is so cold again. This gives me (looking forward to) something to cuddle under while I knit it. My napping-under-quilt time is sacred to me here and I have big plans for this blanket. Stay tuned.
Lastly, I came across this photo of my garden. In this blue-cold time of year, it gives me a dose of vitamines. Please enjoy it too!

P.s. Isn't it about time we see a sock going on here? I think so.xx


Shannon said...

Beautiful mittens! I want to make a pair now!!!

Jean said...

Gorgeous post. The mitts are beautiful. I do envy you the blanket you will knit, it doesn't stay cold enough for any length of time to warrant this blanket. It looks like such an interesting knit because of the different patterns and their placement. Something I would definately enjoy. With regards to your talent, some projects do stand out more - especailly to non knitters and the pattern on the mitts is so very clear to them. I wish I could get Marie Claire here, but Amazon was the only place to get it and people were writing in that they were not receiving it. I keep looking on ebay and should run across it sometime. I especially like the thistle in your last photo.

Hilary said...

Oh my goodness, that afghan is going to be absolutely stunning. Love the mittens, too!