Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If it's the last thing I do...

The first half of the rib vest is off the needles. It really doesn't photograph well at all. It doesn't look anything like a 'rib warmer' so I will give you a peek at the pile of garter stitch instead. Sorry.

Here is the second half of the vest. Really overdue for the birthday. I am about to turn the first corner. All is well. I can't wait to be over and done with this knit. I have so much lined up! I need a part time job to afford the yarn I plan to consume this year.
Next up...
My sister-in-law brought me some feathery polyester yarn over the holidays. She would like a scarf made of this. She is unfortunately allergic to wool and even some acrylic makes her scratch. Poor dear. She can't knit either. She suffers from pain in her shoulders and bad posture that makes knitting impossible. I offered to knit the scarf for her. It should be a fast one. (Remebering that I said that about the rib warmer until I tried it).

I have been skiing my heart out these days. Weather is perfect. Yesterday, I found a new trail someone made with a skidoo. Having read so many Nancy Drew books as a kid I got plucky and followed it. All of a sudden I was in someone's back yard and heard 'WOUF!' Won't be doing THAT again.

I decided to name my trail 'Red Berry Trail'. It must have been a good year for berries last summer because there are still lots of them. Gorgeous. The only draw back is the odd ice patch where I nearly left my hips.

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nicole said...

Don't give up, it looks like you're making good progress on the rib warmer vest.

I've been skiing tons too!!! Next to knitting, skiing is my favourite thing. If only I had ski trails in my back yard, sigh... But I'm close to Gatineau Park, so I can't complain too much. And I have a season pass, so I can go as many times as I like.