Thursday, January 15, 2009

Siberian Whizz

When you got to go...outside...for your business... brrr

This morning, it said -36C at the time I started to dress my kids for the bus.

I've had it with stupid teenager mentally. Freeze if that's what you think 'looks good'.

The clincher: The highschool provides one locker for two girls. No room for snow suits. I give up.

The elementary school just called. Gage forgot his school bag at home. Sh*t. HD is plugging in the Toyota to see if we can warm it up.

When you get lemons...make pie!
This went over very well after school yesterday.

I have finished sewing the facings on the inside of my vest. I know I haven't done a great job but I am so pleased.
Today, I block! Thought I would never utter those words. Sheesh I'm slow.
I have been hanging it on a rack in the kitchen to admire during the moments of the day that I must do chores.
HD saw it hanging there before bed last night.

Len: "Are you done?"
Me: "I just have to sew the buttons on and block it."
Len: "Does this mean we will have a clean house again soon?"

Stay Warm out there!


nicole said...

Almost there...

Stay warm (poune looks like she's doing a good job of it. So cute!!!)

Shannon said...

Just read that last bit to my husband. He looked at me and kind of snorted in agreement with Len. I said "See! I'm not the only one!!!" Glad to know it!