Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter activity

Isn't it funny sometimes how things fall into place? I have been clicking around the knit blogs for inspiration and found 'dogged' a blogger that not only knits beautiful stuff and has a cute dog but she sews. When I see beautiful quilts or fun sew projects, I get all excited and start to pull the covers off Mr. Janome.
Ivy starts her phys. Ed swimming tomorrow and she desperately wanted some shorts to wear over her bathing suit.
I found this vintage pattern from my high school days in my cupboard. I can't believe its the next generation already. I had some black stretch fabric also in my cupboard (who remembers the tickle trunk?) and spur of the moment started to sew.
I have a bad case of 'Cabin Fever' these days and the last thing I want to do is venture out and spend money on shorts. Who needs 'Louis Garneau'? I stash dived into my fabric and found some black elastic and thread and made a nifty pair of shorts. Ivy tried them on and LOVED them. Saved myself a few bucks and got to work on lots of other stuff today.

The days are slipping by so fast this month. When the kids are away at school the days just fly by. Sniff. I have to watch carefully not to miss my daily exercise. It came with a bonus of fresh powder. The world was rather blue today when I ventured out.

Alone in the wilderness... Only a fresh set of animal tracks before me.

Breath taking berry decor under a cloudy cover. ooooh.

I love these bushes! These are the closest ones to the water hole that stays open all winter (because my trail is a swamp along the Outaouais River) where the wolves fish for food. A few weeks ago, we found a frozen chewed up fish lying beside the hole... That's when we realized what was what. It was a very big fish. Impressive catch! (As long as everybody is full of fish and not hungry for little woman on trail)

Since we polished off the last cake I baked (Lemon Banana). I decided to make my 'Surprise aux pommes' this afternoon. Last summer, a friend invited us to harvest apples from his tree in the yard. I froze many bags of apple slices from what we picked that day. This is the first recipe from them. Delicious!

Uncooked at this stage... Was excellent for dessert! I rather serve this than apple pie. It has oatmeal instead of shortening. Yum.
All this to say I have not really knit today but was busy with a whole lot of other stuff. Tonight is tv night and with that I will polish off my long as I have enough of that yarn! I may or may not have to venture out tomorrow depending on the answer.


Nicole said...

You sure have been a busy bee. Can't wait to find out what happened with the vest...

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Brilliant shorts Aline!
Clever you....
Look out for the wolves, I would miss your posts too much if you were gobbled up!
Good luck finishing the vest. Ren x

Susan said...

I love your winter activity shots... I am deeply envious of your big empty property. ( I think I've said that a few times!)