Saturday, September 18, 2010

Perline et amie

Pattern: Briggs & Little Heavy Sock 101 available en français aussi...
Needles: 3 mm dpns bamboo (que j'aime!)
Yarn: 1 skein Tuffy, rosewood & remnant ball of Noro Kureyon 221

improvised by me
needles: 5mm bamboo circular
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure silk (discontinued colourway)

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This is it for latest knitting...I am having an eye procedure done on Monday morning which I pray does more good than bad if you know what I mean...

I just gasped that I have nothing on the needles! except for the Chemise Bleue that is sulking in a bag on the floor of my family room...

Look signs in the door this week...VISA and MasterCard...Just shows that the little yarn shop is getting bigger!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Les vacances...Gone fishing!

Aucun tricot de fini cette été...soupire!

Les vacances étaient trop emballantes!

Voici la belle maison Fradet de l'Île d'Orléans où nous nous sommes reposés après 6 heures de route...

....Away for a month and not one FO to show for it! I did get my Chemise Bleue to the point of sleeves but alas had to frog it back to reshape the arm I cast on a garter stitch scarf of silver silk for those evenings with a glass of wine and the cricket orchestra.

We visited l'île d'Orléans in August and stayed at the lovely Vieille Maison Fradet...

Tout près de la berge....Where the tide charmed us all...

Nos filles se sont bien amusées! Our girls enjoyed it very much!

On a masaginé le Vieux Québec...sous une chaleur accablante! Malgré la température, j'ai réussit de me rendre jusqu'au manche de ma Chemise Bleue (tricot courant) mais zut! il fallait retravailler les emmanchures. Alors, je me suis soulagée de cette déception avec le tricot d'un foulard au points mousse de soie argenté.
Nothing like some all day shopping in Vieux Québec...where the A/C refreshed us since it was blistering hot and humid to boot...not really knitting weather, even for me.