Wednesday, May 29, 2013

come away with me

all is well over here.  dr. b called to explain that something with a big long name is happening to me but it doesn't require any treatment which is fine by me. 

lots of exercise should help the situation so ive been trying to do more and more of just that.

because the backyard is thick with flying pests these days, ive been walking the dog along the dirt road.  but on my last trip to the bay one cold morning that kept the insects away, I spotted this cool mushroom.
the trail is flooded this time of year and a beaver is busy cutting down many trees and spying on us when we come by.  the geese have flown away to the north but we still spot the ducks.  they are so pretty!
i think this will be a good year for frogs.  i hear big ones from my kitchen window in the evening when i make tea and i noticed a pool of tadpoles in the ditch along the road. 
see those black specks?

and last but not least, the horse ranch is the last stop on my walk before we head home.  we were near the apple tree when they spotted us and to my delight, they came over for a pet.  the mommas were out with the new borns (i counted three).  the black one i wanted most stayed behind and off to the side but i did manage to coax him/her over closer to pet.  by this time, pete was very nervous but he did so well to remain calm and not frighten the horses.  they followed us to the end of the field on our way back.

so there you have it.  my back and front yard.

as for knitting, it looks much the same as it did in the last update although ive poured hours into it.  i am trying to muster the pomegranate pullover but so far have only managed a lemon.  i dare say, it's my fault and not the pattern.

i think ive finally mastered the right set of needles for the job and my swatch of the lace pattern was a success.  i can't wait to be finished the ribbing.  i spent a whole day at the shop working on 2 inches.  whaaa?  i think i multi-task too much. ♥♥♥

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

on being ♥ broken

my fav lunch of salmon cakes, grilled mushrooms and salad ♥

I recently went for a routine check up and the doctor found that I now have Arrhythmia.  I am still waiting for  my test results which is pointless because of the, "no news is good news", policy.  I have no idea how long to wait before I can relax.  Then again, I am not feeling "good" enough to let the subject drop.  I need to see a Cardiologist!

In any event, I was thinking about how important it is to live everyday to the fullest.  Therefore, I am going to do just that.  Not put off stuff that really matters.  There are so many knit projects I want to make!!

I have been swatching a new lace pattern.  Uggh, what is it with me and those lace charts?  This one has YOs on every row.  There are no restful alternate rows.  A real, "keep your eyes peeled to the page, honey", sort of pattern.  It will be gorgeous, if I ever get passed the second row.

I have now changed to chunky yarn and big bamboo sticks to practice on.  When I am not typing for work, I will be stitching on this chart while I wait and see if my heart will come back to regular programming.

I have so much biking I want to do!  I am afraid of going off alone, in case I can't get back.  I was reading about the beautiful trails in the Canton de l'Est this morning.  There is a taxi service for when you get too tired to come back on your own.  That is exactly what I need here. ♥♥♥